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Due to the current uncertainty regarding Covid variants, as well as concerned requests from our elderly, immune-compromised students, we require all students attending our in-person classes to be fully vaccinated. Please see our Covid policy here.

To offer inclusivity to all, I will be also teaching online for each and every class.
So, if you wish to join and practice in your own home please check the appropriate box in the class registration below.

Yoga Nidra

Date: Oct 3 2021 

Time: 7 pm

Location: Studio in Harrison and Online

Fee: $25.  / $20.

Yoga Nidra (also known as yogic sleep) is a powerful technique for controlling your body’s relaxation response. Yoga Nidra can be as restorative as sleep, while you remain fully conscious. Giving your mind and body an extra window of deep relaxation offers powerful benefits!

As the summer winds down, I am excited to offer again a Yoga Nidra practice at my Studio In Harrison Hot Springs, and as with all other events an online live stream option.

Yoga Nidra can offer you a deeper connection between mind and body. An opportunity to create conscious relaxation, which will ease stress and anxiety, and allows your body to melt away into a soothing state of being. Everyone can reap the benefits of Yoga Nidra.

There’s power in being still and being able to quiet your mind, and Yoga Nidra can help you reach this state.

By becoming more aware of the sensations in your body, you become more aware of the stress and worries that hold you back.

Research on the overall benefits of yoga and Yoga Nidra has revealed improvements in emotional self-regulation, with reduced levels of depression, stress, and anxiety, and an increase in mood, quality of life, and well-being.

Yoga Nidra is also one of the most effective techniques, not only for physical or mental relaxation but for preparing the mind for a disciplined yoga practice.

A state of being where you enter between sleep and wakefulness without losing awareness. Similar to a mini vacation or retreat for your mind.

Yoga Nidra is the perfect way to end a busy day.

Spending time in the state of Yoga Nidra creates more space in your mind, opens a portal into your soul, and provides an opportunity to learn about yourself through a reflective and restful experience.

Yoga Nidra can also serve as a pathway to freedom without adding bodily stress. You might come into the practice with an intention you want to work on whether it be living in the present moment or letting go of past negative thoughts or events. The intention, or "resolve" is set at the beginning of the practice.

Wear comfortable clothes and consider and a pair of socks plus a sweater or long-sleeved shirt to keep you warm. Simply lie down on your back in savasana or corpse pose. Ensure your body is supported while lying down on the mat, especially for those with lower back pain or those recovering from a recent injury. Use Bolsters, blankets, any props you need to be comfortable. Close your eyes, and let the outside world melt away. Don't worry about falling asleep. Although the practice offers more benefits if awake there is no harm in sleep.

The practice can last from 45 - 60 minutes. We will take time, in the beginning, to set up the stage for a lasting experience. After there will be time to come back to the space around you and ask any questions or share.

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ROOTED IN POETRY - an evening with ..........

Date: TBA

Time: 7 pm


Fee: by donation

Join the community to celebrate and integrate lyric and music into our lives. Experience the profound insight in the lyrics of some of our my adored musicians and poets.

Irene E.jpg
Refresh your Soul through Art
& Symphonic Sound

Date: Postponed

Time: TBA

Studio Location: 476 Naismith Ave. Harrison Hot Springs 

Fee: CAN $99.00

Capture the freedom and paint it onto the canvas

With the soulful guidance of Irene Eaves from The Dancing Brush Studios, adding a background of powerful sound healing by Elizabeth, you will harness the freedom to create. 
Play, explore and let go in a safe, supportive, and super fun group setting...You will be glad you did.
Tap into the truth that you are born creative and everyone has the ability to create something.
You will use acrylic paints, pastels, markers, papers, words, images, and metallic paint along with an enormous collection of tools to get creative with mark-making.

You can bring a journal to write and draw in, (Bring any image or object that inspires you...but is not required)
Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting some paint on
Bring an apron or a smock.
Cost per person $99 includes all materials and a yummy lunch

2016 Crystal Sound Healing, Vickie Legere-1651_edited.jpg
Symphonic Resonance
Healing Meditiation

Date: Sunday, Oct. 10,  2021

          Sunday, Nov. 14, 2021

Time: 7 pm

Studio Location: 476 Naismith Ave. Harrison Hot Springs 

Fee: $25.00

An opportunity to entrain or unite with sound frequencies. A way to calm and balance. 


As we move into healing mode, a time of clarity and wisdom each of us is seeking supportive tools. Tools that open the way back to balance. sound as a New Medicine is certainly one which dan dramatically expedite this transition. This is simple, just let the radiance of the sound wash over and through your physical, energetic, and heart-centered bodies. 
This event will be both online and virtual. For virtual info contact

I personally invite you to join us at 7 pm

new moon gathering.png
New Moon Women's Circle

Date: Oct 6, Nov. 4 and every New Moon

Time: 8 pm

Location: Zoom

A New Moon Women’s Circle

A Sacred Gathering

As we connect with their feminine energy, reflecting on our life's challenges, and share our experiences.

Part of being present for others is stepping into the hub of our supportive community.

I invite you to join us.

Here is the info needed to join