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Yoga Class Schedule

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As we slowly integrate back into the things we love, I will be offering new classes as summer dictates (with the weather of course in mind). 

I will try to create the yoga class which you have asked for and together we will rebuild our strength and flexibility. I wish you all the blessings of summer, be at peace with the lesson we have learned in the last few years,

Let's spread the light to all through yoga and healing. I look forward to seeing you all. e


Class OfferingsBeginner and Intermediate welcome!

Festival Yoga
Open Class

Every day of the Festival

July 8 - 17

8:30 - 9:30 am

Outdoor Stage


Partial proceeds to the festival

No need to register!

Begin your day with a calming practice, methodically moving through all yogic principles of movement.

Be challenged each day as we discover a new awareness, new goals, and new freedom.

Prepare your day for clarity, awareness, and inner joy.

Beginners and Intermediate


Every Saturday of July

6 - 7:30 pm

Harrison Lavender

It's Free

please register at the link above

A sweet place to practice yoga, Enjoy a practice surrounded by Lavender, while you release the tension of the day. A slow and restorative practice that touches on all the principles of yoga. Leaving you refreshed and ready for a peaceful evening. Stay for light refreshments after.

Saturday July 09 

1 - 2 pm

Memorial Hall

$2 donation to the Festival

No need to register! 

Although vibrational or sound therapy may seem like a relatively new form of alternative medicine, many ancient civilizations have long used sound therapy to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

With crystal bowls, Tibetan gongs and bowls, tuning forks, drums, rattles, and voice, Elizabeth and Cheryl create specific sounds and very specific vibratory rates are created, resonating the sound vibration deep within the body.

Fees 1 hr. - class

In Person Classes

​10 x class pass:  $150.00

Drop in $20.00

Private Yoga Sessions (Single)

In studio: $60 per hr.

On location: $90 + km

Private Yoga Sessions (Group)

In studio: $60 + $10/head per hr

On location: $90 + km + $10/head

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"The subtle Body floats in all of us, we have all experienced it after a pose .... if we give ourselves time.  Assessing this subtle energy allows an Awakening to happen. A system for experiencing a transformation of Consciousness which enriches one's life on every level .

Stay informed of updated offerings: check back often and sign up for my non-invasive newsletter here! If you have any questions regarding classes, events, or such, please connect with me via email or by phone/text: +1-604-845-9642.   

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Restor' Yoga is a wonderful class, very beneficial for the whole body, I have noticed immediate results in lowering Blood pressure, Blood sugar levels, lowering stress levels from meditation and gentle movement, essential at any age. Wellness for Body and Mind! Thank you for teaching and guiding us! ~ Yvonne