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Yoga Class Schedule

As we slowly integrate back into the things we love, I will be offering new classes as summer dictates (with the weather of course in mind). 

I will try to create the yoga class which you have asked for and together we will rebuild our strength and flexibility. I wish you all the blessings of summer, be at peace with the lesson we have learned in the last few years,

Let's spread the light to all through yoga and healing. I look forward to seeing you all. e

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Class Offerings and Events - Beginner and Intermediate welcome!

continuing 3 COURSE

This Somatic (conscious internal movement), course will ease you back into your practice. 

Beginning with your breath, informing your body with incoming oxygen and Prana (life force), moving into the muscles, and encouraging a slow revival ... linking mind, and body.

Ending with a smooth finish of sound healing.

This mat class is well-suited for all levels.

Yoga course 1

Nov. 8 - 22 

7 - 8:15 pm

Value: $60

Yoga Course 2

Nov 16 - 23 

8:30 - 9:45 am

Value: $40

Location: Harrison Studio


4 Students Max

Child's Pose

Let's gather once again and enjoy a more balanced Peaceful Blissful life inspired by sound healing.

Simply rest, and allow the healing sounds wash over you, while you listen deeply, not only with your ears but with your whole body. 

This hour-long concert of sound offers deep sea whale songs, dark night star-studded tuning fork concert, rhythmic drum beats, and rattles. 

Don't miss the return of integrative healing sounds. Your body will respond, your organs will listen and healing will begin. 

Explore the intersection between sound healing and science particularly during these difficult times. 

Nov 13, 2022

7 pm

Value: $25

Limited space

476 Naismith Ave Harrrison Hot Springs BC

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Fees 1 hr. - class

In Person Classes

Drop in $25.00

Private Yoga Sessions (Single)

In studio: $60 per hr.

On location: $120 + km

Private Yoga Sessions (Group)

In studio: $60 + $10/head per hr

On location: $120 + km + $10/head

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"The subtle Body floats in all of us, we have all experienced it after a pose .... if we give ourselves time.  Assessing this subtle energy allows an Awakening to happen. A system for experiencing a transformation of Consciousness which enriches one's life on every level .

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Restor' Yoga is a wonderful class, very beneficial for the whole body, I have noticed immediate results in lowering Blood pressure, Blood sugar levels, lowering stress levels from meditation and gentle movement, essential at any age. Wellness for Body and Mind! Thank you for teaching and guiding us! ~ Yvonne