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Yoga Class Schedule

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Classes now have reverted back to online where most people feel the safest. 

Join us Tues evenings 7 pm - 8 pm for a gentle yoga class. which includes, breath work, opening all the major joints, softening facia and releasing muscle tension.

Focusing on forward bending and deep restorative breathing during an evening class contributes  to a restful sleep.

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Well, it's a heck of a time that we've been experiencing these last 18 (or so), months.

I feel that it's utterly important to carry on finding a way through all this chaos and stay on some sort of path, whether or not we can actually clearly see that path or not whether it manifests itself in front of us or we have to continue to search for it.

So, this is what I've got planned. I don't want anyone to miss out on a class, now I know you're all really tired of zoom and frankly so am, but it's an option that I am not willing to give up right now.

I truly believe we need to step into the light of opportunity and keep moving forward with the practice that keeps us happy, healthy, inspired, and staple.

All of my practices will now be online. 
I am happy to create more classes as registration requires, to support you all. I believe in the practice of yoga, sound healing, and Reiki so strongly, I know that this will help us through this complicated time.
So, whatever you believe, whatever you feel passionate for, you can strengthen that passion through yoga.

I want you to know my gift to you is giving you is yoga & healing sound however you decide to take it. Be that in-person classes or healings or stepping out of your comfort zone and practicing online it's all up to you nothing should stand in our way.
I am grateful, grateful for you being there standing up and moving forward. Let's get back to being in a community together however that looks. I'm ready for it are you?

Class OfferingsBeginner and Intermediate welcome!

Open Class

On Hold

End your day with a calming practice, still methodically moving through all yogic principles of movement.


Be challenged each week as we discover a new awareness, new goals, and new freedom.

Prepare for your evening rest and prepare for a restorative night of sleep.


Beginners and Intermediate


Chair Yoga
(4 Week Course)

Tuesday & Thursday
on Hold

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done while sitting.

Some poses will be done standing using a chair for support. ...

Chair yoga can improve your flexibility, concentration and strength, while boosting your mood, and reducing stress and joint strain.

Open Class

On hold

Start your day with a balanced practice, methodically moving through all yogic principles of movement.

Be challenged each week as we discover a new awareness, thru back bending, balancing, acurate alignment, set new goals, and new freedom.


Beginners and Intermediate


Sun Salutation
Open Class

Coming Fall 2021!

The most familiar of Asana sequences. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is as rich in symbolic and mythic overtones as it is in physical benefits. link all your favorite postures to a liquid flow class full of benefits for the Body Mind and Heart.

Fees 1 hr. - class

Online Classes

​10 x class pass:  $135.00

Drop in $15.00

Private Yoga Sessions (Single)

In studio: $60 per hr.

On location: $90 + km

Private Yoga Sessions (Group)

In studio: $60 + $10/head per hr

On location: $90 + km + $10/head

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"The subtle Body floats in all of us, we have all experienced it after a pose .... if we give ourselves time.  Assessing this subtle energy allows an Awakening to happen. A system for experiencing a transformation of Consciousness which enriches one's life on every level .

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Restor' Yoga is a wonderful class, very beneficial for the whole body, I have noticed immediate results in lowering Blood pressure, Blood sugar levels, lowering stress levels from meditation and gentle movement, essential at any age. Wellness for Body and Mind! Thank you for teaching and guiding us! ~ Yvonne