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Zubiri to Pamplona 21 km.

We are traveling together as a group of 6, but on the Camino, things change morph and evolve. Six becomes 8, and 8 become 10. A Camino family is formed. This is a very unique family, a little upside down. With its grandmother’s and grandfather, it’s daughters and sons and grandson (interestly enough named Marley) the eb and flow of the group is ever changing and moving, joining , separating and regathering. Moving to to the Alberge and moving out with the crack of dawn. Walking, separating, rejoining,  eating, repeat. It is a fine dance of laughter and joy. At times we seem to go alone, time to reflect and focus on our pace, our breath and of course our thoughts. The scenery is stunning at times one must just stop and take in the grandness of it all. Other times we move through and along with single point focus. Especially when your heart


pounds with exertion,  the breath becomes short and all one can do it bring one foot in front  of the other. Those are the “ups”, the rocky pathways, roads and dirt trails seemingly endless and for ever.  The “downs”, which wind along river beds of shale and loose rock challenge the best of trekkers,  runners and yes, bikers, those silent, two wheelers who seem to appear from knowwhere traveling at break neck speed. The question always is “which way do I go?” Not to get mower over by a mountain bike with a rider cheering “Buen Camino” as he flys by. Today I walked a good portion on my own, full of energy and motivation. My steps were dedicated to our daughter Jena, who celebrated her 33rd year. Every step she shared with me, ever song I sang to her. Sending my back pack ahead tomorrow, we have some elevation to climb and need to take care of the feet and ankles. So as it is said on the way, “Buen Camino”

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