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The lovely sound of rain

It is Monday morning and I just finished a soothing yoga class online with many of my students.

Its great to gather together and stretch and align our bodies. During class my mind was brought to the gentle and soothing sound of rain, which reminds me of the slow and sustaining pulse of the body, the frequencies of the nature {wind, water}, around us and the clear and defined life {and lives}, which keep thriving around us.

Like at a busy street corner, the energy of the people around us, the foot fall, the constant shifting, adjusting to make a clear way to our destination. Cars moving by, the sound of the wheels on the pavement, closer then moving to fade away in the distance.

The chatter of voices, a hum, a drone, not unlike the trees responding to the wind or the distant response of birds, but yet completely different.

Our minds have only just recently learned to manage the chaos of this world in which we find ourselves.

Now, as we adapt, it is hard to settle in to the silence which our minds seek.

We can all do that 1 minute test and try to count the mindless distractions that keep us jumping from thought to thought, dodging and jumping, moving and shifting while we try to regain our focus {kinda like walking on the streets of NY}.

As we all know, the mind thrives in silence. Like the well earned sleep and rest at the end of a day, like food nourishes the body, silence is a soothing balm for the mind.

As mindfulness creates a set point for exactly where we are at the moment by bringing a deep sense of awareness to the ever busy senses, where as silence allows the senses to rest and reset. You might have noticed while in nature, your senses are heightened. the smells are deeply nourishing, the eyes rest and are soothed the colours, light as it dapples through the trees, the feeling state recognizing the softness of the earth, the gentle breeze as you become one with the supreme mother earth "Gaia", and all she may offer.

Silence manifests first from the organic body, the breath, the heart, and the soul or essence.

Quietening in stages, our minds are guided as to release the reliance on distraction, moving from the breath, its rhythmic endless life source, to the heart the source of transition from all things physical to the deepening of our consciousness and subconsciousness to finally rest on the essence of ourselves. Here {where ever that is for you}, is the silence, one which restores, heals and grounds us. Thoughts become less necessary, Silence become juicy and seductive. A place where you steal off to be washed by the rain soft and cleansing.

Move into peace my friends. Much love e

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