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Uterga to Estella 27 km.

We have just finished our 6th day of walking the camino. A very challenging day for our group in so many different levels. Walking in the heat is a great challenged and if we aren’t off the trail by 2 at the latest I personally am very challenged by this.

I am so grateful for the inspiration we receive from you and look forward to reading your posts when wifi is available.

Blisters, sore hips, heavy backpacks, heat, are some of the physical challenges.

Travelling in a group of 6 unique individuals, adjusting to cultural differences…language, food availability, sharing rooms with many different people and getting adequate rest.


But the beauty of the country and the beauty of the hearts we connect with along the way makes up for this.  Biggest lesson for me so far…do what feels right for me! Nothing else is acceptable on the camino, a powerful microcosm for life.

My love,gratitude and prayers are with you all


Ps… The pic was taken at sunrise this morning, leaving the village of uterga

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