Return to Santiago

Not even rain can dampen my excitement to be back in Santiago. This city is a labyrinth o secret streets and allys, hiding something special around every corner. Even the chance of getting wet is worth jumping into a Santiago puddle. Not today you can follow those streams of puddles down the windy twisty streets as far as you can imagine and then gaze upward and breath in the air, surrounding an ancient cathedral. The rain came in torrents, with our umbrellas we all danced along the cobblestones, bopping and shifting intertwining with the others. Passing the cathedral and into the tunnel which joins the city together we reunite with friends we met on the camino, busking his way thru the camino, playing his trombone. Here he is with his musical Troup serenading passerby’s in the tunnel.

As we walk thru the city we see an ongoing parade of pererinos coming into the city, their packs heavy on their backs, covered to protect from the rain, wet and cold anxious to complete their compostella. Most will finish their journey her, but others will walk on – Finstere – Muxia – and back to Santiago. The season is now changing and we know that Galacia is unpredictable with weather, mostly it will rain or will be about to rain. We still are amazed to still see pererinos that we know, just finishing or like us returning to Santiago after resting or travelling. Here are a few pictures of the city today. Lovely in the rain.

Tomorrow 6:45 am we leave this city which has touched my heart (rain and all), and fly to Frankfurt, there we will spend till Saturday when we leave in the afternoon to Vancouver and home.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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