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Preparing for the Camino

Welcome to our blog.


Here Cheryl and I will share with you our experience during our journey along the Camino de Santiago. Along with us – in our sound healing first aid kit, our tuning forks – C&D and the weighted Otto 128. 

July 23 2014  Rain or shine the Camino comes ever so closer. Today, out in the weather (torrential rains) we were initiated into our first “rain training”. Note to self……bring rain pants. The rain was warm and I was soaked, even in such a short time I was completely wet from the waist down, rain running into my boots, dripping from my hat, rain tap tap tapping on my hood. 

Frank and I (e) returning from our rain training. LOL

As the time that we leave shortens the reality of if begins to set in. The rest the gear on its way, sorting out – a pile of the Camino, a pile for the rest of the trip. Walking poles, boots, rain gear, first aid kit, yes to the dress and flip flops for a switch up in the evenings. e

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