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On the way there-and India as it was and as it is!

Here begins the story …..again.

On our way passing time in old Germany, just outside Frankfurt.

Using this weekend to visit the markets that are such a tradition at Christmas, connect with family and to grab a bit of a rest before the next leg of our journey east.

Memories of this land and it’s people come flooding back as we make our way with the subway and commuter system into the city.

Joining the people as they gather with friends to shop and share hot drinks, traditional food and merriment. Now, 20 years ago we remember back to the time we wandered the Weinachtmarkt with our children curiously taking in the culture by tasting, listening and oh the smells!

Morning breaks in Germany, I feel like a bear waking after hibernation. Blinking as I let the light thru my eyes into my very soul. A Germany morning, a quiet time to savior coffee the morning light and settle in to where I have landed in life. More on that later….

Breakfast in Germany. …..  buns and roll picked up fresh from the bakery down the street. Marmalade,  cheese, and savories


Afternoon visiting a medieval castle in Bad Homburg the neighbouring community. E

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