Belorado to Atapuerca

Oh, we slept in today till 7 am such a luxury. On our way to Carmen de Santiago on this windy Wedn. morning, today with backpacks secured, we begin our planned 12 km. to the foot of a range with juts twice to over 1100mt. We will begin them tomorrow morning and finish in Burgos. Hah! so we thought. The day is windy, cold and there is a threat of rain on the horizon. Many of us are struggling from feet issues, hip and a strong head wind. Coffee becends, but after the third village and no coffee in sight we loose our will to continue…… ha ha We are all convinced that there is something called Camino Coffee, we must bottle it, it is our driving force. In a small village we rally and consider our options. The conclusion is that we wait 1 hr and bus to the town of Atapuerca the exavation site if the oldest human in Europe. Frank leaves his pack with us and continues on foot of, we will meet at Atapuerca late afternoon. The rain threatened us all day, even the last 6 km. As we headed down the last stretch after the bus stop on the n120. Making everything better with a beautiful meal at an amazing restaurant called Comosapien in Atapuerca.

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