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Another perspective of the camino journey

ola from Spain. So Liz has been doing such an excellent job of doing a daily log of her journey on the Camino, thank you dear Liz. I am not really physically on the same journey as she is right now because of foot injuries which have grounded me for over a week. This,  for awhile, made me think that I had nothing to contribute to the blog. But Frank reminded me that I am still on my own journey of the Camino. So here is my perspective.

frank and I have been spending a lot of time together as we both incurred foot injuries around the same time. We went to a clinic in burgos to be checked out and I was given the Spanish equivalent of Tylenol to take and was told it was much stress on my heel. Almost a week later I was not getting any better. I was considering other options, leaving the Camino, travelling to southern France, going home…I still struggle with it when I’m in pain because I can’t really experience the journey in pain. I have come to realize that this experience is mine, regardless of the direction it takes and Camino is really an expression or symbol of our life journey. So for now, I am in leon getting therapy for my foot. I saw a lovely physiotherapist named Roberto today and will see him again early Monday morning. By then I know the direction of my journey will be clear to me and I will move on.

We have a new addition to our Camino family, Julia who will be leaving tomorrow with frank and Eric on the bus. Frank is going to start walking again, short distances at first and see how his leg feels. So then there will be me. It’s a vulnerable spot for me, in a large city where English is not the first language and I don’t know anyone. what they Camino has taught me tho is that it provides and I am secure in that awareness. I have met some amazing people in situations like this and I look forward to meeting new friends in Leon.

buen Camino frank, Liz, Eric, Angie, Brenda, julia

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