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Sharing the powerful effects of Sound Healing

I would like to think we are all searching for that one magic pill which returns us to the place we feel whole and one with life around us. But in all honesty most people believe (my opinion), that it doesn’t exist. So begins the problem. If we, as a whole move further and further away from our integral ability to program the mind to communicate with the physical body, we will continue to experience an increasing drop in the ability to manage our wellness and over all health. Mankind will find health, wellness and happiness just by offering routine, supportive activities which through the mind guide the body back to a sense of balance.


Sound is a good example. How often have you responded to the quality of sound? Volume, flow, pattern (rhythm) and then there is the other quality which cannot be so easily defined. How your body responds to it (sound), and in essence how it makes you feel? In large we overlook this very simple factor, although you can’t wait to get out of a situation (that possibly is making you tense, irritable/sick), and retreat to a place where you can be soothed by your favorite music we don’t stop to consider this as our own simple supportive wellness treatment. So, if sound has this impact on us why can’t we design a system of regular sound healing treatments? We even know that sound soothes, reduces blood pressure, tension, anxiety and increase oxygen flow through regulated breathing

Yours in Yoga and Healing

Elizabeth Mueller

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