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A sound experience

The “New Medicine” – Sound Healing Since 2009 Crystal Spirit Healing has been bringing sound healing to the Fraser Valley. We have seen the dawn of a new era, of course the advancements in medical technology are mind blowing, as are the cure for many debilitating diseases also. With that, we are witnessing a return to what has been known for centuries, such as herbs, essential oils to super foods and Yoga, all which help us to achieve a state of wellness which we all seek. Now, we have begun to re-recognize the incredible power of sound and frequency on our physical and mental bodies…….

Sound Healing treatments: Like having a massage, reflexology or visiting a float tank, sound, frequencies and the senses have the ability to affect mind and body. So, when our mind thinks negative thoughts …… our body feels stiff and inflexible. And likewise when our body feels relaxed and at peace our minds relax and lets go of tension. We are one and this oneness is how we should think about our health and wellness path. Calming the mind allowing the body to relax finish and explore a deep powerful wave like sensation. This is sound healing. The mind listens like never before using the brain in extraordinary ways. Locating tones and vibratory rates never noticed/experienced before. Resting fully clothed on a massage table or on a shiatsu mattress on the floor, pillows and blankets covering you and supporting you completely, you begin to feel completely at rest. You begin to hear and feel the soft vibration of a tibetan singing bowl resting on your belly……. as if your sense of time seems to end, as if no clock exists. you are bathed in a shower of sound, one which you are never really sure of its origin, deep, blissful vibrations are felt as the bowls radiate through your body, as if the tension, dis-ease and stress melt away.  Sound is all around you and through you as you bask in the bliss – total relaxation and healing. Tension in the muscles are gone, you realize you can breath deep and complete. The brain is calm and you realize the mind as if void of thought ……… like a vacation.  bliss.  

Thinking of training:

This New Medicine is gaining momentum and has a promising future. There are so many very inquisitive, talented and determined therapist offering much needed treatments for those struggling with injuries, trauma, medical complications and life threatening illness. There is plenty of room for intuition, also for those who practice for the sheer love of sound and its effects on the M.B.Spirit as a whole. There is also a great demand for those who blaze trails. Dr Peter Hess (Hess Institute), John Beaulieu (Biosonics) , Jonathan Goldman etc. are amongst some of these  pioneers in the field of sound healing.

I am a Yoga teacher, and since 1997 I have been offering the knowledge I acquired thru a love of yoga and thru a year long training program from The Temple of Yoga in Chicago.  I have been practicing a long time, actually I began in 1962 with my mother in a class offered by Kareen Zebroff. Where am I going with this………., well as I morphed my classes (in Germany), into my own healing sessions, I began to search for complementary practices to include into my classes and practices.

What came next in 2002,  boosted my Studio’s reputation. I first studied the art of Thai-Yoga Massage. Thru the Healing Hands of Kathmandu, I learned this ancient art of massage and yoga practice.  Known as “Yoga for Lazy People” it combined Traditional Thai Massage with yoga postures which the student was moved in and out of the practice by the therapist. Supporting the recovery from illness or the need to maintain flexibility in complex health circumstances.

In 2003, the next layer was to participate in a sound healing training course from Polyglobe, a Austrian company which, in cooperation with Dr. Peter Hess, supplied and trained healers in the art of sound healing. This treatment offers an on body treatment with Tibetan bowls and gongs both made specifically for this treatment. This changed how and what I offered at my studio in Germany.

(The medical insurance system in Germany made it available for accredited Yoga instructors to write receipts for those treatments which were covered 100% by the medical insurance.  This made an incredible opportunity to offer healing methods to most anyone who needed it. Because of my location very close to the Clinics offering recovery treatments for cancer, surgery recovery etc. A large students number of my students were doctors , nurses and professionals from those clinic. They understood clearly the value of yoga and the complementary treatments).

In 2009, I return from 14 years in Europe and resettled in Harrison Hot Springs BC, opened up a small person yoga studio in my home. Set up my practice and established a teaching schedule for mostly locals.

Again, I included sound in my teachings, offered Thai massage and sound healing meditations. It didn’t take long to find someone else who loved sound healing as much as I do. Cheryl Redfern (now my sound healing partner), joined me offering her crystal bowls to complement the tibetan bowls and gongs in public sound healing sessions.

In 2011, we travelled to the Omega Center in NY to attend a sound healing symposium. There we met Zacciah Blackburn (Center of Light Inst), John Beaulieu (Biosonics), Therese Schroeder-Sheker (Chalice of Repose),  Mitchell L. Gaynor (Integrative Oncology) all have had an impact on my career.

Two years later we travelled back to NY to spend time at the home of John Beaulieu for a deepened study into sound healing and voice with John himself and Silvia Nakkach (The Vox Mundi Project).

The next we both completed our certification as Biosonic Repatterning™ Educators a complete and broad range of techniques and tools to treat, educate and heal those who seek alternative treatments.

for more info or scheduling you can always email me at: or visit on line at:

Yours in Yoga and healing


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