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If yoga is new to you, I welcome your call.  We can chat about your needs and experience and

which class would best suit you. 

The classes are small in size which allows me to dedicate the time needed with each student, 

there is no hiding in the back of the class here.


I can also arrange for private or group classes, like a bachelorette party, a birthday or a

gathering with a twist.


Mats are available so you really can just show up. It's just that easy. 

My teachings are a blend of experiences, like the precision of the Iyengar tradition,

the flow of a Vinyasa Class and the deep realization of Ancient Kriya.

Since 2000 I have been a full time teacher, offering classes and Yoga Seminars and

Holidays on boats and in ancient ruins in Italy, Turkey, Germany, Austria and throughout

British Columbia.

My passion is to teach, continuing the Wheel of Yoga.



  • Biosonic Re-patterning™ Educator from The Biosonic Academy of Music and 

Sound Healing, John Beaulieu PhD 

  • Reiki Practitioner - 2010 

  • Singing Bowl Sound Massage - from Dr. Peter Hess, Practitioner since 2004 

  • Nuad Phaen Boran - Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner since 2003 

  • Practicing and studying Hatha/Kriya Yoga for 50 years, offering the path since 2000 

  • Aqua Yoga

  • Trauma Informed Yoga

  • Tai chi for Rehabilitation since 2016

  • Reverend for the Clergy Support Memorial Church and Wedding Officiate with

All Seasons Weddings since 2015

for booking contact Elizabeth at 604 845 9642 or

Experience Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation & Reiki

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Explore this website to learn about our services and how we help heal your mind, body and spirit.

* This place is the best I have been to for yoga when comparing atmosphere, comfort, instructor knowledge, everything!  D.T Girdener