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My passion is to teach,
     continuing the
Wheel of Yoga.

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My teachings are a blend of experiences, like the precision of the Iyengar tradition, the flow of a Vinyasa Class, and the deep realization of Ancient Kriya. I have been teaching since 1998, offering classes beginning in Germany and then creating seminars and holidays on boats and in ancient ruins in Italy, Turkey, India, Germany, Austria, and throughout British Columbia.​ Please check my Schedule and Event pages for ongoing classes and events held here in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia and beyond!

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About Elizabeth Mueller


  • Biosonic Re-patterning™ Educator from The Biosonic Academy of Music and Sound Healing, John Beaulieu PhD 

  • Reiki Practitioner - 2010 

  • Singing Bowl Sound Massage - from Dr. Peter Hess, Practitioner since 2004 

  • Nuad Phaen Boran - Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner since 2003 

  • Practicing and studying Hatha/Kriya Yoga since 1963, offering the path since 1998 

  • Aqua Yoga (from my mentor Camella Nair)

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga

  • Tai chi for Rehabilitation

  • Reverend for the Clergy Support Memorial Church 

  • offering: Weddings Officiate Service, Celebrations of Life, Baby Naming, House Blessings, Guided Death


April 19, 2022
Dear Friends, Yogis, and Faithfully Curious Followers:
I’m sitting in my beautiful space upstairs in our yoga studio, spending some time thinking back and looking forward.
There are so many blessings to be counted, sometimes one can’t keep track. It’s what I have been doing lately. Looking forward to the emergence (+ more of), spring.  A time when our daily activity decisions aren’t too weather-related, watching for that hint of blue sky to add a wee bit of inspiration.
I feel that you all are so very patiently waiting for yoga to begin, I am too. As well as our sound healings to start vibrating through our village and the peacefulness of our Yoga Nidra practice to nourish our rest again.
And with all that in mind, I’m going to fill you in on the plan. I’m not a big sharer, but I learning.

So, here goes…. I have been (for the past 2 yrs.), experiencing some underlying health issues. Well, I finally have some definitive results and a plan.
I am going in for surgery on May 6 to remove a nerve sheath tumor (benign), in my chest. It is likely causing some problems with breathing and swallowing. I expect to have some weeks of recuperation, just in time to start yoga in the warm rays of the sun.
I will be ready to post the class and session startup via newsletter and social media when I feel fit to return.
I’m thinking the sound healing will be the first to begin. Then, as my voice returns back, Yoga and Yoga Nidra of course. I am focused on the end of May.  
You must all know that you are my rocks; your faces still fill me with gratitude. And, as I look back on all our amazing classes, workshops, and events we have shared together, I see a summer full of yoga and healing, fun and laughter on the mat.
I also know, you will hold my restoration to good health in your hearts.
That’s all for now.
With Peace and Love. e

Ps thanks everyone for your contributions to the survey which was included in the last newsletter. I will be using this info to build a yoga program. (it's not too late if you missed it. (it's
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