Crystal Spirit Postcard Jan 2021 - draft

Yoga - Sound Healing - Meditation - Reiki

Special Announcement from Elizabeth regarding COVID:

Plans are now in the works for outdoor classes to begin. The weather is warming and it gives us this opportunity.  These are exceptional times and lessons come to us in so many forms.  At this present time, we are in an unusual bubble, one which has us stepping out of our box and yet at the same time limiting us, forcing us to change the way think, move, explore, and now even socialize.
We can't run away, hide, or ignore what is going on. It is like a flood, starts first as mud, you notice it getting sticky, then you need to change your shoes and get in your boat and start paddling, cause this flow you can't ignore.

Through all this, we can stay calm, strong, and resilient in Body Mind, and Spirit. We can choose our path and our community, one which is strong and sustainable, one which supports us, nurtures us, and one which brings us joy. This special essence you will also find deep within yourself.

I am continuing to offer online zoom classes for all that want or need them, this is based on Conscious Transaction. This is my contribution to your well-being. Spread the love and spread the word.

Please check you my Schedule and event page for ongoing classes and events. e

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Welcome to Crystal Spirit Yoga and Healing


My teachings are a blend of experiences, like the precision of the Iyengar tradition, the flow of a                    Vinyasa Class and the deep realization of Ancient Kriya. ​Since 2000, I have been a full-time teacher,              offering classes and Yoga Seminars and Holidays on boats and in ancient ruins in Italy, Turkey, India,            Germany, Austria, and throughout British Columbia.

My passion is to teach, continuing the Wheel of Yoga,






AnU NaDa Heart Sound Sanctuary

A unique place to experience Sound Healing. 

As Sound as "The New Medicine" the ancient's knowledge of vibrational medicine. Your heart, blood, and cells literally every tissue of the body vibrate at a frequency that maintains health. Keeping this frequency resonating in the body maintains greater health and vitality.

Meditations and treatments are available to keep you on your healing path. 

* This place is the best I have been to for yoga when comparing atmosphere, comfort, instructor knowledge, everything!  D.T Girdener