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I believe life is the act of blending. Like baking, it takes some planning and measuring for the desired result.  
Although we all live in a natural state of yoga, our bodies need gentle coaching to truly come into equanimity with spirit.  

And so it is true with Healing, sound for example when carefully crafted, it blends frequencies that support equanimity. Likened to a tether from the heart, which draws you in the direction of balance (resonance) or again equanimity!
Not to overlook the opposition dissonance.

For example, if you want to break something apart you might use a jackhammer.. I don't own one. lol) 

This is frequency.

There has been research showing great possibilities in this "New Medicine".

Wedding Services
As a celebrant or officiate, I recognize ceremonies are in all of our everyday lives.  

From the morning coffee or tea ritual or preparing ourselves for a special occasion, we recognize the auspicious-ness in our thoughts and actions.

So is the careful crafting and the delivery of wedding ceremonies. Ì love offering the special gift of the Ceremony.


When you are drawn from the heart, inspiration is woven into you long before you start planning. I was taught yoga when I was very young and I it was wove it into my life. 
Yoga was there when I moved to Europe and needed a direction.

World Class Sound Healing

Sound healing was another ingredient added, a perfect addition. At that time, many Tibetan bowls and sound instruments were arriving in to Europe. I was intrigued. After many trips to India to learn and teach, I added the art of yoga Nidra as well. 

For last 15 years I been following the celebrant path.  Another perfect thread in the tapestry.

Elizabeth Mueller


  • Biosonic Re-patterning™ Educator from The Biosonic Academy of Music and Sound Healing, John Beaulieu PhD 

  • Reiki Practitioner - 2010 

  • Singing Bowl Sound Massage - from Dr. Peter Hess, Practitioner since 2004 

  • Nuad Phaen Boran - Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner since 2003 

  • Practicing and studying Hatha/Kriya Yoga since 1963, offering the path since 1998 

  • Aqua Yoga (from my mentor Camella Nair)

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga

  • Tai chi for Rehabilitation

  • ReverendWeddings Officiate Service, Celebrations of Life, Baby Naming, House Blessings, Guided Death

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