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YOGA Life in the FLOW Although we all live in a natural state of yoga, our bodies need gentle coaching, to truly come into equanimity with spirit.   And, so it is true with any Healing when you are drawn from the heart, inspiration is woven into you long before you start planning. I was taught yoga when I was very young by Karrin Zebroff, and it was woven into my life by my mother. Yoga was there when I moved to Europe and needed a direction to follow. Now I offer yoga to all who wish the body to be soft and supple, to move with ease, to soften the thoughts and refocus the mind on how the flow of energy moves through it. "To let your Spirit be free from negative thoughts which bury themselves deep in the tissues as embodied Somatic thoughts".  Practice Yoga​


BREATH Master Coaching & 9D  Transformational JOURNEYS  Psychology, emotional processes and feelings, our energetic state and all the trillions of processes and chemical reactions that are happening inside of our bodies in every moment are keeping us alive and animated.  We have the ability to change and manipulate all of that just by how we breathe. It’s so freaking exciting because consciously manipulating some of these processes are literally the building blocks of creating real transformation in our lives. Which is why we’re here. Here is a very accessible way to overcome generations and layers of subconscious ​and unconscious trauma with Somatic Breath work. “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath".

WEDDINGS Officiant Service Bringing the spirit of your love to any ceremony you choose. Be that:  Non-denominational, traditional, spiritual, interfaith, earth, same-sex, or hand-fasting.  I will support your desire to unite your special bond together. I recognize that ceremonies are in all of our everyday lives. From the morning coffee or tea or preparing ourselves for a special occasion, we recognize the auspiciousness in our thoughts and actions. So is the careful crafting and the delivery of the gift of ceremony. I will be honoured to officiate on your amazing day, the one you and your guests will remember and cherish forever and ever. A moment you will carry in your heart forever. “Uniting Two Spirits, Bring Together One Love”

​WORLD Class Sound Healing Sound when carefully crafted, blends frequencies that support equanimity. Likened to a tether from the heart, which draws you in the direction of balance or again equanimity!  This is frequency. There has been research showing great possibilities in this "New Medicine". After many trips to India to learn teach and over a decade of living in Europe Sound Healing, Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki All woven from the same thread in the nature of healing... became my cloak of many colours.  Professionally trained from many masters such as John Beaulieu - New York and Peter Hess Institute - Austria Another perfect thread in the tapestry.

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