Villavante – Astorga 21.6 km.

Morning was so quiet. It seems like the towns and villages are under a blanket of silence as we walk through and then out into the blackness. Our intention is to be out and on the road by 7 am. but often the comfort of the bed, the alarm clock, the heavyness of the the eyelids all things that slow our departure.

Sometimes it is vast spaces of emptiness

Our typical breakfast,  fresh pressed orange juice and some of the best coffee and croissants I have had. I am always in search of fruit and veg. though just to keep that balance. I have to say my Nutraverus from Mannatech has been responsible for keeping my body strong enough to accomplish what I have done in the last 4 weeks. It is often hard to find a non meat dish, besides salads.

There is away signs and messages along the way. So many perreginos are on sacred journeys, and they share hopes and dreams in the most beautiful ways.

Brenda as I follow her on a long stretch towards the blue sky in the distance.

Wonderful gift show up in the most beautiful unexpected places. Here Angie follows the spiral to the centre at a well deserved rest stop, seemingly in the middle of no where.

This amazing man dedicates his time to supporting the Pilgrims. Everything offered in by donation, including a place to sleep if needed. The best gluten free bread, sesame butter and local honey – food from the gods.

Astorga an ancient city with a clear historic significance in Christianity.  Touring the palace and the neighboring cathedral,  you get a glimpse into the wealth and power of the church. Unfortunately,  the chocolate museum was closed, Astorga is also well know for it’s chocolate.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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