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Uterga to Estella

A story

What a beautiful morning going to walk, a shove off at 7am, still in the darkeness of night. The coolness of the previous evening still lingering in the morning air. In the distance is signs of lightening, silence followed. Soon the morning revealed itself as we move through the stillness of the morning only the odd dog warns of our passing. We are in the country side and the small hamlets which we glide through show no signs of waking. The first stop is for coffee and croissant,  we always look forward to this treat after about 5 km. in Obanos.  It seems like the villages are equally spaced. Today, had many challenges amoungst them was a slow and tiring climb up to Cirauqui. It was about 11:30 and the temp was close to 30’c. The stop was to be short, a soak of the feet under the local tape and then onward to Lorcas and then to Estella. Consensus was to bus it to Estella but we had one pellegrino missing. After a wait in hope of reuniting, we separated, one to go on to connect and three to bus onward. So……we, the team of three hitchhiked instead. Brillant, a a medical courier picked us up and with no common language he delivered us directly to our Albergue where our pack were waiting.

So, you ask what happened to the other two who you would think that they would meet and travel together., well no they actually hiked separate the extra 15km. Arriving at 4 pm.

Tomorrow begins another day.

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