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“the beginnIng of the beginning”


 Today as the rain cleared and the skies opened, giving us the oppurtunity to step out under the partial blue sky. As our path became clear and our daily journey unfolded we glanced up and we’re struck by the sign before us. We are already on the way, our journey has begun. If you are not familiar with the signage we are leaving St. Johann and embarking on the way of St. James signified by the shell and arrow below. 

And I feel a shift close, a movement that will bring my consciousness and deepest subconscious together. As I gaze upward to a ridge of earth (wilderkaiser) which has broken thru the deepest mantle and as if projected into the sky. I feel a deep stirring within, as if my subconscious knowing is also preparing for a great opening, one which exposes the most of myself, what I don’t understand. I am ready and looking forward to this, I look forward to this break thru with great curiosity.


Yours on the path eliz

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