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Sept. 6 2014 St. Jean Pied de Port – Orrison

The day began overcast, foggy and cool with a promise of a comfortable climb of about 650 mtr. Sending our extra gear forward, breakfast and then a warm up climb around the citadel brought our leaving time to 11 am. The climb to Orrison should take us about 3hrs. with an average rate of 2 km per hr. As we left St. Jean we admired the similar climate as our own, the high tree canopy, with the exception of random tropical plans and more coniferous trees. Quickly, that changed as the open farmland turned to alpen shrub of the higher elevation,  shade became less frequent as the plants lost their height and more open pastures for livestock including cattle and sheep to roam in summer pastures. They paths criss-cross the open spaces which has been deeply carved for hundred maybe thousand years.

Our Camino family began as we reconnected with many pellegrinos we had met in the last 24 hr. Australia, Abbotsford and Campbell River etc. have offered up brave and curious souls into the arms of the Camino de Santiago. Indeed the trek took over 3 hr. and as we gathered around the table, showered and clean we spoke of the challenges of the first day, how some of us had our pack delivered to the alberge of Orrison and how other had not. The tools of sound healing, tuning forks and Reiki help relax and heal the much used muscles, showing up as cramps and tension. Linda and Minah while receiving treatments today, were moved by the power of healing with the  touch of Reiki, breath and soothing vibration of tuning forks.

Cheryl spoke with me about an experience she had today, through a time on the trail which she found challenging with the heat of the blazing sun and the seemingly relentless upward climb. And she used a mantra she knows from Deva and Miten, ” Om sàhàna Vavatu”, which when chanted supports peace and prosperity. This cleared the path and eased the trail as she came closer to Orrison.

Closing this amazing day we gathered as a family of 42, to share our first meal together. After we all introduced ourselves, some sharing stories of past Caminos and of new adventures. Tomorrow we move onward,  all pellegrinos sharing one path and one soul.

Yours on the way. Eliz

Happy Birthday Eric, blessed I was,  29 yrs ago when you came into our world.

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