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Santiago Day 2

Today is the pilgrims mass at the cathedral.  Most of those amazing pilgrims which walked those 33 days, from early september like us will be there to share in the celebration. To hear of all the different countries represented, to hear the prayers and songs the pilgrims have heard for millenia.  To finally experience the dramatic ceremonial frankensence. Such an amazing feeling to share with all these pilgrims,  seeing and recognizing familiar friends we have met on the way. Listening to the sounds and words of the mass and having a deep understanding of the meaning without knowing the language. Wandering around the old city in the rain, ducking into coffee shops, finding great food options and looking for special things to take home. Evenings are always early, we laugh about this, even though we have walked and walked in the days past and now we are walking less we are just as tired and need rest just as much. The feet are still very fragile, stiffness comes quickly without movement, nights are interrupted with crampy feet and legs. We have lots of tools to help like magnesium and aspirin, cold water and massage.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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