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After a less than ordinary late start, we stepped out into the pre dawn darkness, for one last time before the 4.5 km. walk into Santiago. We walked as we began together, out of the compound of one of the largest albergues that I have heard, holding over 2000 pilgrims at peek season. Complete with a shopping mall, grocery, laundry facilities and cafeterias. Row after row of buildings, further and further towards the bottom of the hill. Total pilgrims last night maybe 30. LOL.

We are ready to head off in the morning. 

Rainy but beautiful streets of Santiago.



Europe was made on the pilgrim road to Compostella. Following the shell the symbol of the Camino.

We arrived wet in the rain to finally receive our completion documents from the official pilgrim office. We were there by 9 to join about 25 others in front of us and soon it swelled, like the riverlets at our feet to many more behind us. Like drowned rats we were then on a mission for coffee, breakfast and warmth. Found it at the “Paradiso Cafeteria”. Fresh espresso, or café con leche, fresh orange juice, croissant, Omelette francesca. ….



A visit to the main cathedral, we will return tomorrow for the pilgrims mass at 12.00 noon.

Finally settled into our room, space to unpack and enjoy private space, sheets and the luxury of lovely towels. Looking forward to early night and deep sleep.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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