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It has been an amazing year this far. We rounded out 2014 returning from a 791 km walk across northern Spain, the Camino de Santiago, often referred to as The Way of St James. As we lined up in the pouring rain outside the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the completion of our pilgrimage, to receive our certificate of completion, a volunteer reminded us that this is really the beginning of our Camino journey.

So home on October 18, 2014 and re entering the lives we left behind. How does one pick up where we left off after 31 days of walking mindfulness, living in each moment step by step, km by km.

Well as we learned, re entry is a process, day by day, returning to our lives with an increased sense of gratitude and intention.

Our original date for production of our cd was the end of November. Neither Liz nor I felt prepared emotionally, spiritually or financially to record on this date. So we contacted Joby Baker Studios and he kindly agreed to put our date forward until April 24, 2015.

From the time of our return to Canada until April 24, Liz and I worked at fundraising for the production of our CDs. When April 24 arrived we had raised enough to pay for the production of our CDs and accommodation in Victoria and some left over to put toward reproducing the CDs and the beautiful sleeves.

We are extremely grateful to all those who love and support us. Soon you will be able to hear the results of our work!  Thank you Joby Baker for your brilliant production, your patience, and to your beautiful wife Theresa for all her support.

Recording our first cd was another major adventure! Walking into a recording studio for the first time, knowing that we were preparing to offer transformational journeys of sound to all who were willing to put the headphones on, I can say I was nervously excited about beginning.

Comparing this experience to walking the Camino, I can say that both experiences taught me to stay present and be willing to accept what comes with each moment. Whether it is plantar fasciitis on the Camino, or hearing less than perfect pitch coming from my voice as I listened on $14,000 speakers. However, even after facing this, we knew that we were willing to continue on and share this beautiful odyssey with others.

For four days we worked with Joby and he worked his magic. On the fourth day, Liz’s son Eric came to the studios with us. He was our objective ears and provided feedback as we listened. Personally speaking, I was way too close to the whole experience and couldn’t maintain any objectivity. The inspiration for the titles of both CDs (yes there are 2) came that morning as we listened to the sounds we were inspired to create.

As I said goodbye to Liz at the ferry, I walked away, with terror in my heart….what have we done!! Soon though I knew that it was the right thing and I was simply too close to the whole experience at this time.

Approximately 7 weeks later as we completed the order form process to have our CDs copied…the Master Copy we received from Joby uploaded and emailed to Precision Disc, along with graphics for the sleeves and cd label.  I climbed into bed one night headphones and iPad in hand and decided it was time to listen to the completed works of Crystal Spirit Healing’s first professionally recorded CD.

I fell asleep shortly after turning if on so concluded that we had done what we set out to do. Provide a deeply relaxing cd!😀🙏🎶

We are forever grateful to…

Joby and Theresa Baker for your patience, support and magic

Aaron Goodis for the beautiful photography on our CDs.

Denice Girdner for her graphic design and her insight and sensitivity to who we are and what we do. Graphiti Graphics

Frank Mueller (Liz’s husband) for all his help…being our “Sherpa”, the many meals and cups of coffee he prepared for us throughout all the planning of not only this cd but throughout the last 5 years, it means so much.

To our families and friends for all their love and support.

Thank you to Elizabeth Mueller my sound healing partner for the past 5 years…it’s been an amazing journey so far

And thank you Susan B. for trusting Elizabeth and I enough to accompany you on your journey as far as we could. You have been such an inspiration.

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