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Days 14, 15 16 Burgos pop. 175000


We are getting good at finding our backpack. This time all three were misplaced by 2 different couriers. The trouble is some of the Albergue don’t accept forward packs, so when you arrive and expect to pick it up….?.it is not there and there is no rhythm to reason to where it  might be. We have learned to ask anyone that can manage the language, this time it was the Hostel reception, where Cheryl and Brenda were staying. This time it went quite smoothly and we located two at a hotel outside the old city and my at another hotel/hostel close by.

Happy, with our packs on our backs we set out to feed our bellies and clean up. Old city Burgos, like any other ancient city isn’t a sprawling town. They are usually small and centred in a inner wall. Here the highlight is the 130th century Cathedralde Santa Maria, which is the first image which you see as you enter over the bridge and go thru the Arco y Pete de Santa Maria. 

Our days where busy with sight seeing, drinking coffee in the plaza, people watching and sampling many of the sweets and treats of Burgos. One to mention is the most decedent Churros and warn melted chocolate. Let me describe churros: being deep fried sweet dough served warm and dipped in thick warm chocolate.  Wonderful.

In Burgos is the best museum of human evolution ever. There because of the dramatic archielodgical dig sites in the wee town not 15 km away- Atapuerca.

I must add that a certain amount of shopping was done, not enough to cramp our back packs but just the right amount to satisfy that shopping urge the the beautiful town of Burgos.

Since we were traveling with a few suffering with ailments stemming from the  way, we took the tourist train thru the city, one during the day and showing us all the city sights that we would have missed by foot. And later that evening a train to see the city at night lit with all its splendor. 

On Sept. 21 Brenda, Eric, Angie and myself left at the crack on dawn to leave Frank and Cheryl to heal in Burgos on suggestion of the Dr.


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