Day 18 Hornillos – Castrojeriz 900 mtr. 20 km.

Late start, sun is already up and our first perc. coffee. Up up up to the Meseta and to a beautiful monument at 900+ mtr. And then down into a small and narrow valley enough for the San Bol, a sacred spot known to pilgrims for millenium for its healing waters.

Travel thru and down into the village of Hontanas, set low in a valley.

Again we saw ancient ruins and medieval buildings.

San Anton a medieval convent now a simple resting spot for weary Pilgrims offered stunning architecture of the  1400 century. Just a quick rest as our desintation lays about 4 km. away.

OK this village spans 2 km, and when you want only to rest, finding an albergue is like walking another 10 km none the less we found our spot and rested our feet and we’re pleasantly surprised to fine our Camino family Jane and Marley. So, Marley has aquired a bike to going is much better for this 7 years old. Rest feels really good and we so appreciate a warm shower and clean clothes and much needed soak in a ice cold foot bath. The rain and stormy weather has certainly been our friend either just behind or moving around us, so is it tonight in Castrojeriz.

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