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Day 17 Burgos – Hornillos del Camino 950 mtr., 20 km.

Leaving the city of Burgos, lost in the darkness of the early morning, Brenda and I must have over looked a guiding arrow (which we all rely on), landing us on the river not knowing which way to continue. With a bit of quick thinking we finally got the right directions from a night watchman at some out of the way factory. Which lead us back to the way and the trail of backpacks.


As we moved away from the city, on a trail which guided us out and up, thru and around the city bypasses and road constuction, we understood the long stretch which lay ahead of us. Little cafés,  or even options for breakfast and water (generally one waits to get fresh spring water outside of the city limits). Eventually we were able to stop and regroup with Angie and Eric as the others were left (Frank and Cheryl), in Burgos to healing and rest before they continue on their journey.



Travelling up and out onto the plains and the Sierra there was little to keep you shaded or even distracted. The terrain rolled and flattened out and dipped sometimes suddenly into small steep valleys hiding ancient treasures.  


Coming into Horneillos we crossed over a river and I know I need to come back and soak my weary feet, so after cleaning up and eating we found our way back to the clear and cold spring water to be joined by all sorts of local kids playing and catching crayfish.


After leaving to explore more of the medieval village, Brenda and I stumble upon very interesting shelters. We asked some locals and were invited down and given samples of what was stored inside.

By the end of the day we were exhausted as usual and we’re happy to have a comfy and restful place to sleep. 

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