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Day 12 Atapuerca to Burgos 21 km. 1080. mtr.

On tiptoes we left our albergue, (lovely but slightly crowded), first stop the grocery/cafe 50 mtr. on the way. With croissant and coffee,  supplies and provisions for the day we began our assent to the first plateau a 150 mtr. In about 2 km. There, a cross marked Sierra Atapuerca-Alto (Cruceiro) and The most amazing spiral. Much like a labyrinth with a path leading you to the centre, at least 50 mtr in width. It must have been there for years, lovingly attended by maybe pilgrims or druids. We spend a good hour, following its path to the centre and  watching the sunrise.  It did seem quite significant to our journey which, starts wide and encompassing,  broad and not well defined at all and then it start to narrow and become well clearer maybe (just at a loss for words, because I am just in the experience) more of a experience. Maybe be able to explain more later.

After desent down to 875 mtr. we traveled a well used wide path into and around many small villages, most with just a few homes and farms. At about the 13 km. we moved out of the rural communities and entered in to the wider commercial city sprawl.  Airport, tire shops, concete. Till we found our way to the river (rio) path which moved us on a tree lined projectory to the city. This was a long hard trek, waiting to see the old city which for pilgrims signifies the place of rest. We had all separated so it brings joy when the walkietalkies squawk a greeting and ultimately a connection with the rest of our tribe. Tired, grumpy and at the same time elated, we gathered together and shared our days experiences and found our resting place for what will be a two evening stay. 


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