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Barbadello – Gonzar 88 km to Santiago

Another stunning morning sunrise, blesses us as we leave Barbadelo

There always is a cool mist hanging in the air.

Angie crosses over an unusual sideways bridge, it seems old as the Camino.

Three wise men, standing and watching storing the memories of thousands of years in the rings of their souls.

100 km. To Santiago marker.

Stone fences line our way, these ancient stones have stood as witness to each pilgrims journey.

Fall is here, brings thoughts of gardens and halloween, thanksgiving and feasting in honour of the land.

Storage facilities for the harvest, grain, corn maybe potatoes. We saw bees in some.

Our Camino greeters, all animals have been so friendly almost as if the know what we are doing and just what we are undertaking.

The new bridge shadows the old as we make our last steps into Portomarin. It has been a long day on our feet, our Albergue is another 7 km. I give in and call a taxi for Julia and I. Tomorrow will be another day and there is only so much my feet can handle.

A lovely view down river Embalse de Belesar, sorry about the finger in the way, it was high and I was a bit wobbly by that time. This river is very low you can tell on the previous picture that the boat launch is higher by at least 100 ft.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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