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Astorga – Foncebadon 27.2 km. To 1400 mtr.

Moving out of the city in the darkness

Sweet surprises happen all the time, a special place for breakfast or a special Camino angel. Once in a life time moments of pleasure and true joy. These happen on the Camino all the time. Someone enters into your Camino and then pops away, sometimes to return sometimes not.

A french chef ready to make you the best juice or an amazing breakfast. Just watch out for those Camino angels.

Moments of solitude on the way, the contrast of Colours and thoughts which pass by. Be attentive or you will miss them.

Walking along the Camino or just pausing to experience the peace and serenity, sometimes it is thick and it feels like you are on a ribbon of honey, other times you search and search – in your mind, in the landscape and you ask what am I looking for?

Gathering for a break together, rest the feet, feed the body and the mind. Rest is the best, it can be magic.

Everyone needs a door. Some Camino door are short and if they are from medieval times, some are painted the most amazing colours. They are all intriguing, the building and structures fascinate me. The history, the romance of the pilgrim’s and the stories.

The way travels in many directions and merges at some point together. It crosses and intersects, but in the end it all ends in Santiago. Pilgrims came from everywhere and everywhere there is the way to your goal. Just chose your path and then wait for an intersection. …… where will you turn?

Hundreds of metres of crosses, some simple, some beautifully adorned, painted, trimmed prepared with care. Others simply found as a crossing of two twigs, blessed and placed.

Along the way, a cool spot to treat the feet, fresh flowing water a blessing to find high in the mountains. In the back ground you can see the weather changing, sunshine stayed to our backs, we hope it would continue so…..not to be.

Angie and I quickly realized that we should prepare for a high mountain storm, we had a few drops of notice, enough time to pull out our gear. A full on electrical storm at 1300 mtr. large, heavy drops pounded us as we first negotiated puddles, then move around small riverlets, then we took our path off and up into the rush where the water found it’s way to the lowest point. No way of avoiding the streams and flow of the water. We walked on the heather as much as we could. Thanks for water proof hiking boots, they really are water proof!

Drowned rats we walk into this old village, supported mainly now by pilgrims. It was like walking into a far north outpost. Six albergues are in this village and one very well stocked grocery. Of course having a greeter such as this makes it that much more enjoyable. You just can see the runoff down the road, the storm hit and moved on about 45 min. before we arrived. We walked in it for more than 1.5 hrs. The pillow was a welcome site this evening.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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