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Alone on the Camino, a new perspective

Camino family photo, or at least some of thrm

well, the last of my tribe left this morning from leon. Although it was a challenging experience I chose to see the beauty of a few days as a solitary Camino pilgrim. I checked out of the hostel we shared last night and made my way to the albuergue… I was met with a very long lineup at the entrance to this beautiful albergue run by nuns.

Fortunately they have many many beds and I am blessed to be in one. After unpacking, showering, laundry I did a little wandering and then had a late breakfast at the restaurant just outside the albergue. I sat with Billie a lovely woman from Manchester, England, and like many connections on the Camino, we skipped over all the formality and got right to t

Wonderful food, loads of fun!!

Wonderful food, loads of fun!!

A few of our growing camino family💜

A few of our growing camino family💜

The “heart” of the matter.  Lots of laughter, a few tears and I have another friend on the Camino. Billie chose to go for a walk and I chose to return to the albergue and ice my feet. This albuergue is so caring… For anyone who has injuries or issues with their feet or legs, there is a physiotherapist, a doctor and lots of ice and TLC available. As I write this I have my feet on a lovely ice pack and I’m in heaven.

.so tomorrow I will return to the hostel where we stayed on Friday as it is nice and close to my physio. Monday I will see Roberto my physio again and Then I plan to catch a bus and join my tribe. I would love to do a little walking, God and feet willing.

blessings to all


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