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Adios leon

today I will board yet another bus and meet my “herd” as our little friend Mali, a 7 year old travelling the camino with his mom calls us.  I saw my lovely physiotherapist roberto for the second time yesterday and at that time I had chosen to end my camino in leon and return home. I Chose to take care of my feet and the best way to rest and heal would be to return home, in my opinion. Well, the universe or the camino or God or my higher self had other plans.  When I called to change my flight date I was told there were no other dates I could fly until the original date October 18.

Although I was somewhat distressed on healing this news, I have learned on a deeper level that all things happen for a reason and I’m not meant to go home early. So, I rested in my room most of the afternoon and evening because I had been sight seeing the day before. This morning my feet feel a little better so I am hopeful.

i am currently waiting for the bus to villafranca del bierzo which I will board at 13:30 and meet Liz, frank, Eric, Angie Brenda and our new family member Julia.

although I may not have had the e

csmino journey I anticipated, this journey has been very internal, reaching to depths of awareness of who I am that I have not gone to before. as I said to a dear friend on FaceTime (thank god for FaceTime) I have been kicked so far out of my comfort zone txt I don’t know what it is anymore!

thanks to all my dear friends, family for your words of encouragement, love and support.  You have no idea what peace it brings to me. I am truly blessed and grateful.

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