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3 more weeks!!

Time is certainly coming upon us fast. As we seemingly individually train, pack and prepare for our journey together, the closer we get the more evident it is that this journey will be done completely alone, in our heads, minds and hearts while our bodies walk and talk with friends, family and strangers amoungst us.

As we prepare, some in the mountains and trails in BC and others in the mountains of Germany, it is the same focus, “one foot in front of the other”.  And so it will be for many weeks to come. As we gather our healing tools, those tools to support us  and others on the journey, we create an energetic bond. A bond which holds together the sheer fabric of the idea which brings us together on this amazing study deep into ourselves.

Our tools are tuning forks, three of them matter of fact. C & G and a 128 weighted Otto tuner. We hope to offer this healing consept as  we walk the way of the pelagrino’s.  A healing journey. E

Crystal spirit Sound Healing

My daughter gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy, on Aug 5.  My first grandson, preceded by 2 beautiful granddaughters.  I have been very involved and focused on his birth and first days of life.  Now I am able to focus on this journey as mom, dad  and baby are doing very well, off to a great start on their journey together. The hardest part of leaving for 6 weeks is knowing how much he will change in that short time and saying goodbye to my children and grandchildren for that long.  The first time I have been away from them for so long.

I did my final shop for camino yesterday and am ready to pack my backpack.  Last weekend, just before the birth of my grandson, i saw a new documentary that just came out on the Camino, entitled Walking the Camino:  Six ways to Santiago.  It focused on 6 pilgrims and the challenges of their journey.  The big message that i received was to minimize your backpack.  I took that to heart and am reducing some of what i had planned to take.

Thank you Liz for the walking meditation post.  The other morning i walked several kilometers up the Harrison Lake and was practicing mindfulness walking and really got a sense of walking the Camino.  It was early in the morning and the only sounds were waves lapping along the shore, birds singing and water flowing over rocks.  Life is beautiful and i am blessed.

Crystal spirit Sound Healing

Crystal spirit Sound Healing

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