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Are masks mandatory?

Masks are optional. We require all students in the class to have proof of vaccination.

Do I need to be double vaccinated to attend class?

Yes, all students are required to be double vaccinated to attend class, until further notice.

How do you prove that all students are double vaccinated?

All students are required to show their proof of vaccination on arrival. If students do not or can not, we will send the student a refund for their class or course and cancel their seat.

What if I don’t want to get vaccinated? Does that mean I can never attend your classes?

This is a temporary measure, as the variants are becoming more common and those unvaccinated are more likely to be a carrier of Covid. Once we can ensure the safety of all of our students, we will allow both vaccinated and unvaccinated into the in-person classes. This is dependent on the reduction of the spread of the more contagious and dangerous variants of Covid.
We apologize to any students who choose to remain unvaccinated and hope to have you in our in-person classes as soon as possible.

For now you may choose to attend our live streaming classes on Zoom. Many of our students are senior citizens and are an at-risk group, so we must be extra careful.

What if I am coughing or have flu-like symptoms? Should I come to class?
If not, will I receive a refund for that class? 

If you have Covid-like symptoms, please do not come to the in-person class. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for missed classes. In addition, we request those who have the common flu or cold to stay home and get healthy join on line.

Do you allow those who have recently taken a flight or travelled to the US to attend classes? 

Those who have recently taken a flight or travelled to the US are expected to show the proof of Covid vacination as well.  

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