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Schedule of Classes

Welcome to the schedule page. 

During this very strange and concerning time I am bringing community together to help support and encourage peace and strength.

Here is the information regarding free or by donation classes:

YOGA - online links
Monday, Wed and Friday 9 am here is the link for the messenger meet up

Tuesday and Thursday 6pm on Zoom here is the link for the zoom meetup

Set yourself up
Things are no different that being in a live class, please have a mat, towel (for support, firm cushion, blocks belt or strap, blanket what ever is available, and water (I suggest warm these days). 
As in any class I can see you (and need to), so please set up your mats sideways (that's not pointing at the screen), so I may see you from the side. Have your device on a low table or cushion. Maybe set it up before class and experiment first, check your sound and speakers too.

You will find below descriptions (?) and details of the classes.

Check back for random thoughts and such.

If you have any questions regarding classes, events or such. please connect with me 

On this snowy Sunday I sit and ruminate on the stability I seek in life. And when the scale shifts and tips how do I react? 

Maybe (like me in this situation), you have tried to de-attach from the event and wait for it to pass. But, like when i see a pothole in the road, in the back of my mind (if I'm honest), I hope to heck that I don't need to change a tire. 
But, what if I could just be there, inquiring about what I am experiencing and learning in the moment? I'm sure we all act present and aware but there's also that deep desire to staying out of the ditch and off the side of the road.

What about if being in that ditch brought us to another place? Hmm.
I struggle to stay on the road between the lines so to speak echoing how my dad taught me to drive metaphorically speaking, keeping between those lines meant the safety of others responding to others and inevitably creating story time. This story time distracts me, it pulls me away (so to speak) from my own path of consciousness. 
So, as 20/20 opens its arms and offers the opportunity to clearly see (with 2020 vision), the now! 
Not the year ahead not the future, but to ground ourselves in the present and stay out of the story which distracts us from life. 
Similar to when we built a posture in yoga, it needs to start with your foundation, like the roots of that Great Oak. Knowing, feeling and experience with trust in this stability, it will allow us to notice with confidence and ease how the world/environments and consciousness can spin and move around us without knocking us over. Just deep awareness and connectivity and Grace. 
And, often the turmoil comes from an event including another conscious being or several others. Here is the opportunity notice and recognize your ability to ground down into the Earth's Consciousness with grace and stability, notice how others are managing (Breathe), because with the breath stability and Grace spreads and widens and supports like the great branches of the oak.

I have as mindfulness plan for winter 2020 in these coming months we will investigate (on a deeper level) the mind-body influence to completely reprogram ourselves for full healing. this will also be an addition to the Monday 5 pm Restor' Yoga Class. Although each class will be effected by this reprogramming, it will be the main focus of the Monday class.
•  the mind - thoughts desires + true self vs ego
• the body - organic body layers of wellness and health 
• Spirit - the one which we are


Because of illness I am unable to start class this week.  All going well, start up will be Monday Feb. 3rd. 2020, 

Classes continue as follows: 
Monday 4 pm Restor Yoga will focus on simple movement and deep mindfulness, breath and focus. 

Tues 6:30 pm Open Yoga

Wed 10 am Open Yoga

Wed 4 pm Restor Yoga continuing our ongoing program of returning to movement. 

Wed 7pm Stretch Class

I encourage you to respond to reserve your place at any of these classes. I am happy to reserve your spot.
I have minimums and maximums for each class this is important for the quality of the class for all. 

Standard pricing (90 min)
10 classes $120 $15

Stretch class (1hr) 
10 classes $100
drop in $15

To confirm your spot please email me at:

In Yoga and Healing
Elizabeth Mueller Rev.


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