Villalcazar – Leon

The day started in the morning sunlight as always, to our backs. After a lovely coffee we began our quick 6 km. March to Carrion de Los Contes to meet up with our travellingmates and continue onto Leon. This jump puts us 4 days ahead, this keeps us on track with our completion date and makes up for the long stay over in Burgos. It was good to be all back together again. We arrived in Leon mid afternoon, in time to find a Albergue and food, resting us a bit and a small bit of time to enjoy the old city.

This was the cathedral in Villalcazar, the most stunning Roman cathedral I have seen. A knights Templar resting place.

We stayed in a local convent a very popular place for pilgrims, funny as we checked I and we’re shown our bunks it came to be know that Frank and I were indeed married, thus putting us in different area. Yippee I thought, so space to ourselves and maybe some privacy! Ha ha no as it when you are married you get to sleep with all the other guys, women with women, guys with guys and married women. Arrrrrrhhhhh. So, as snore fests go this was a good one, dominated mainly by the guy one divider over. Makes for a restless sleep, and do I ever need a peaceful one!

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