Triacastela – Barbadello

A old farm implement tucked away, such an interesting find in someone’s garage as we wandered around Triacastela in the evening after a great evening meal.

Early morning mist as we begin our day. Angie and I had an early start out this dark and velvety morning. As we began our walk, looking for the familiar yellow arrows. As we found our way, first along the road then later off onto a track we began feeling the  morning sunrise at our backs. Mornings are always special and I like to give pause to take in the beauty of the sun as it blesses the new day.

Delightful pine scented forests.

The trail often winds down as if thru mystical tunnels of craggy moss drapped trees and past magical medieval buildings.

Our paths thru this amazing landscape twist and wind thru and around farms and villages, taking us close to the locals and their world. We are on such a interesting adventure and here we are entwined into the Spanish culture and lifestyle as it has been for thousands of years.

As we continue along we begin to notice unfamiliar landmarks. So as we March in to Samos we realize to have mistakenly gotten ourselves on the alternate (longer) route, which ultimately means 6.4 km. extra on top of a 18.7km. day. Say being said,  this has been one of the most beautiful days,  such amazing beauty of the Spanish countryside.

From Sarria, we tacked another 4.3 km. on to reach the most attractive and accommodating Albergue. Beautiful landscaped, just what we need to rest after a hard day.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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