The Pellegrinos Gather

Sept. 4 2014 9:45 pm. Paris time

The day was fading into the night and the paris nightlife was indeed beginning. Street life in Paris seems to have a character all of it’s own. As the big band sounds of one entertainer finishes the voice of another flows into a smooth velveteen rhythm of Cat Stevens and just as a well planned show should be, there arrives a clown to, as if just for us, liven up this back street of Paris. 

What a wonderful setting for the arrival of our last two pellegrinos. Cheryl and Brenda appear as if out of no where, back packs and all, ready for the Camino. What a joy to have our unit of trekkers complete. A few celebratory toast and many happy Camino smiles we leave the street life of Paris and settle in for our last evening in this beautiful city. Again one last peek at the monumental Effeltower from our perch above the city, and then a rest before an early morning start tomorrow and the final leg of the way to the Camino d’Santiago and St John Pein de Port at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains in southern France. 

After an early start on the train from Paris to Bayonne and a bus ride to St.John Pied de Port we aquired our Camino passports and found safe lodging to rest and resort before our start tomorrow.

Buen Camino

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