O’Cebreiro – Triacastela 21.3 km. 1200 mtr.

We stayed in a delightful old hotel, full of artifacts and history.

The morning sunrise just as we left to head out on the trail. The small town was a buzz with pilgrims and tourist all waiting for coffee and breakfast. So, off we went a 3.5 km. further on to find our coffee and breakfast.

Sleepy eye cows blink in the morning light, we are walking the day through farm land and are often met by herds being moved from place to place, helpful German Shepards bring the herd through the towns and around the pilgrims.

Boacadillos for lunch, monster sandwiches for hungry pilgrims. 

Coming closer into town. Gardens and ancient walls show us that a village nears. Our feet know when 20 km. is and we just want to be finished the day. Time to cleanup, rub the feet, rest, dinner, sleep start again.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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