Muxia a small fishing  village known to be the place St James came for a retreat while trying to save the Christians from the pagans and their rituals. While here he was visited by Mary in an attempt to support his wavering belief in his own success.  This protected port, supports fishing and pilgrims as it’s main industry, solid old stone building give a certain charms to this quiet resting place. One night offered us am opportunity to dine on fresh seafood, wander the breakwater and shore line and spend a morning at the lighthouse and its amazing rock formations by the ancient cathedral which opens it’s doors to the ocean and to the thousands of souls how lost their lives in the surrounding waters.

Picture of a picture.

Finished with our walking pilgrimage it feels more like being a tourist, but if you continued here on foot it would indeed be the last or the furthest point a pilgrim would go. Here they would stand on the edge and admire the most amazing Vista and be at the same time awestruck at the loss of life that this village has experienced,  as recently as 2002 when the sinking of the Presige created a coastal disaster of immense proportions.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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