Mato Casanova – Camino das Ocas 32 km. to Santiago

Our first bridge in the early morning light. Each bridge is so unique, the width and length based on the flow of water below. Years they stay the same if nature is allowed to stay uninterrupted. This one with its peak as it crests in the middle, low sides, it’s not wide enough for a vehicle or tractor. Not surprising! Bridges are mystical, something so stationary and sturdy over something so flowing and wild. Built stone by stone and within each stone a story, energy and history.

It seems like fall is upon the Camino. Beautiful countryside lay spread out in front of us all of today. By 11 am. rain began to fall and the wind blew only as it can in Galacia. Out came the rain poncho’s and coats.

A lunch break to warm and dry a bit. Frank busy eating, Angie with her natural smile and Eric dreaming.

Peregrino’s walking the walk as we do every day. Rain or shine. So very blessed to have had such little rain, and actually I enjoy the rain so long I can style dry. Under the poncho can be very warm, slowly we shed our coat and sweaters under, and walk quite comfortably in just a shirt and vest. It covers the back pack and protects from the wind.

Frank, Eric, and Angie.

Eucalyptus trees, tall and magestic. Shedding their bark in long strips, just like a birch tree. The smell was truly lovely as you walk thru the narrow paths.

Coming into a small farming community. Cobble stone streets and stone houses, tile roofs.

The largest hydrangeas I have ever seen. It must have been 25 long and 8 feet high. Big white flowers. Today was a very hard day, 27.5km. My feet are soar, ankles ache, and are needing rest. Tomorrow will be another the same. But wed. Will be the end of our journey, Santiago is just around the corner, Cheryl and Brenda will wait for us close the Santiago and we will all walk in together. Good night e

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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