Life with sound

For me sound is everything and a world of nothing (or very little). Sometimes, I just choose to not hear, and more often I choose it to heal. Because healing is mostly a intuitive practice I can do both. Most of the time I need to be there for others so I make the choice to hear.

It is amazing to me the effect of sound has on others. It can bring them to the edge and it can make them weep. It can lull them to sleep and allow a sacred space for healing. Mostly listen to keep them on the edge, alert and often jumpy. For those others (and there are more and more of them now), it opens a portal, a sacred and often spiritual space where time and place is irrelevant. An oasis where all around us recedes into the background, where the “I” matters. The organic body disappears from the conscious mind and equanimity comes to the front. Here is the portal, a passageway to healing and balance, the place of pure potentiality, a place where all is possible. Reset your your inner sound, tuneup the soul and ignite your healthy body to complement your peaceful mind.

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