Leon – Villavante 26.6 km.

A big day for us today, and we even bused out of the city to remove some of the industrial area. The beginning was a lovely serengeti like landscape, just imagining elephants and giraffes. Angie treated us to stories about her experiences there and it took us to a place which felt so real. This afternoon challenged us in a different way. The long straight,  mostly road walking just pushed my tolerance.

Looking straight down an endless road, gives you little abilities to judge your progress. I switched to counting my steps, sometimes reliving precious moments with my granddaughter, and planning our next playtime. 

We did have a stop for lunch and shared a giant sandwich, coffee and then onward, but it never did change back to the natural trail and we stayed on a paved road. Stopping only to tuck ourselves into some very rare shade, fill a water container or eat an banana bought from a very nice man selling fruit, veg., and snacks by donation. Onward, we walked till at the end of the seemingly endless way comes our Albergue in Villavende Sant. Lucia. Showered, washed and feed we now look forward to a good rest, Ang. and I share a private room tonight and I am hoping it make for a deep and restful sleep.

My new friend Coco, she says Hola and her name quite nicely.

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