5 on the way by bus and 1 pilgrim by foot. Our brave Eric left this am to travel by foot to Finesterra, we will hope a bus and spend some time resting our feet and exploring with short walks the historic area of Finesterra.  We arrived after a 2.5 hr. bus journey, and found d a lovely simple place to stay, we feel like royalty with sheets and towels. Being on the Atlantic is such a different feeling, the beaches and vast ocean expanding to the horizon. The first day ended quickly as it always does. Day 2 in Finesterra The change of pace is hard to get your head around, after so many days waking before dawn and being up and out before sunrise it is hard to just lay in bed, although it feels like the most luxurious thing to do. Off and up feels good once the feet understand they are on the way. Coffee, breakfast and then a leisurely 3.5 km walk up up the the light house which represented the end of the world in the 1500’s before Columbus blasted that theory out of the water. Cool windy and rainy was the for cast and it did a bit of everything. But it was a beautiful sight to see the open ocean.

0.00 km. on the Camino. Fisterre is a small fishing village, lots of locals coming and going. Narrow cobblestone streets, coffee shops and restaurants, beach front and wide vistas. We found some great eats, and returned to the same place to repeat and try something else on the menu. Our fav. Eggplant schitzel with salad or veggie burger amazing! Eric our pilgrim on arrived in Fisterre in the afternoon of the second day. Another trip up the the lighthouse with him on a less cloudy early evening.

Yours on the Camino Elizabeth Mueller

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