Day 8 on the camino and we found an angel

Today began with an early breakfast after a rather eventful evening of festivity in the village of Torres del Rio. The plan was to walk a little ore 20 km to our next destination of Lagrono. This went off as planned but some of us had sent our backpacks in ahead and when we arrived 2 of the 3 backpacks had not arrived. Language barriers became a huge issue until a Spanish speaking camino Angel came to our rescue. After spending a good deal of his free afternoon on the phone trying to locate the backpacks the mystery was finally solved and all 3 backpacks are with their rightful owners.

So much gratitude to Pepe and Raquel for your loving assistance and patience. You truly are our Camino angels.

Liz and Brenda with Pepe and Raquel . Two Camino Angels

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