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Day 5 Pamplona to Uterga 790 mtr.17 km.

Sitting at the summit of Alton del Perdon, 790 mtr. above Pamplona. Today started out exiting thru through old city, signs of ancient bridges and other ruins from the long forgotten past. Getting out of the city was similar to getting in (with exception to the old city, one just wanted to be back in the country with less cars and sidewalks, light and round abouts. We got an early start (us girls), 700 am just enough time to have a coffee and croissant.  Stopping along the way to rest I  the shade and find a water fountain….important hydration when the day warms to 26’c. As  I sit and gaze back over the landscape I admire the scattering of small villages and the intricate patchwork of fields and cypress tree lined roads.e

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