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Day 3 Roncevalles to Zubiri, 21 km. 550 mtr.

After another stunning thunder and lightening show with some amazing torential showers we woke to a calm and dynamic day..

 Roncevalles being at 950 mtr. Allowed us a easier morning trek, moving up and down thru about 100mtr. climbs every 5-7 km. Dropping to 700 mtr. before the summit of 810 mtr. The forests were a combination of beautiful boxwood with towering pines as the canapy.  The odd gecko scurried away as the tremble of foot steps near. From the summit the trudge downwards was an intense river bed lined with slate and shale making this a treterous desent. The last 6.5 km. seemed slow and the valley floor a lifetime away, until the sight of a medieval stone bridge welcomed us to the village of Zubiri, a relaxing cool drink together sharing thoughts and comments of the day. Again another pilgrim meal of pasta, fish, salad and ice cream to send us off into a deep slumber to recharge for the next day. 

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