Day 11 Santo Domingo to Belorado

After a slightly late start this morning (we and many others), headed off again into the morning darkness. Today was a cooler day, cloudy and the sun only peeked out at the end of the day. We walked mostly along the NY 20 highway, not very interesting, but a wide clear path with a gradual incline the whole 22 km. with the odd steeper rises. There were 5 sm. villages today and we enjoyed passing thru, some we stopped for coffee or just a rest. Arrived at our destination by 1 pm. and quickly met up with the others. Our routine then goes something like this: Get filled in on how everyone’s day / hike was, find the room and have a nap, eat or shower (which ever works out), coffee, discuss tomorrow/have a plan, dinner, pack and organize for the morning, giggle, laugh, to to bed. So is it!

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