Castrojeriz – Boadilla del Camino 18.2 km. 900 mtr

From Castrojeriz we immediately dropped down into a shallow valley, signs of reforestation is all around, erosion will slowly swallow the land if they don’t.  A sharp climb followed up to Alto Mostelares at 900 mt. where a monument stands for the Pilgrims and the most stunning view of the area expands in all directions.

Fields of crops like grains and sunflowers lay left and right of our path, I was struck today by the contrast of the withered crop waiting for harvest and the fresh blossoms following the sun in the background. Strong cliffs bolt up from the mostly Sierra plateau, giving a interesting contrast.

Dropping down from higher elevation into the Itero del Castillo, where agriculture and water are predominant. Great reserves of water, the Rio Pisuerga tended to and drawn from for irrigation, vast aquafers move water out and way to the fields.

From there a long and warm walk brought us to our desintation in Boadilla del Camino. An oasis of calm relaxation greeted us, Frank and Cheryl having been here from the morning already settled and resting showed us to our room, where the six of us again gathered. There too was Jane and Marley some of our a Camino family.

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