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                        You Are Not Alone.

                      Do you constantly second-guess everything you do? I have been there.

                  Do you live your life in constant stress, full of fear? I have been there.

           Do you feel like there is a fog over you and the world just feels heavy? I have been there.

    Do you wonder how everyone else on Instagram has their shit together? Let me tell you a little secret... they don't!

You see all these feelings you feel, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, most people feel them too!

In fact, more than 42% of people experience anxiety and depression 😮

So if you are sitting there feeling alone, just know you are far from alone, and this is not the end of your story…

it is the beginning. We don't have to live in a world dictated by anxiety and stress.

Breathwork changed my life.

Now let me help
you change yours.


ARE YOU READY to Transform?

Physical, emotional, and mental processes, our energetic state, and all the trillions of processes and chemical reactions that are happening inside of our bodies at every moment keep us alive and animated. 

We can change and manipulate all of that just by how we breathe.

It’s so freaking exciting because consciously manipulating some of these processes are literally the building blocks of creating real transformation in our lives - which is why I'm here.

Imagine, you now know your breath is affecting your life. You have actually felt and experienced your own transformation and freedom from shifting your own breath patterns. 

Because you are at the wheel you can navigate around blocks in your awareness that keep your breath stuck physically and emotionally.

My Coaching connects with 3 States of being


Heart  - Breath - Feeling 

"If you want to conquer the anxiety in your life, live in the moment, live in the breath"

One-on-One Coaching - Private

In these sessions, you get a personal snapshot of your Breath State. 

  • Determining the functionality of your breathing  

  • Gain insight and establish a path to releasing and managing blocks to healthy living.

  • Blocks can be Physical, Mental, or Emotional. Establishing a practice to move beyond the limitations of your old ways. Often finding emotional freedom and lasting vibrant health. 

Small Group Coaching - Semi-Private

UP TO 10 Participants 

More hands-on attention

Large Group Coaching

10 or more Participants

Best for those who are familiar with breath work. Or those who enjoy larger group learning. 

Less hand-on Attention

In a very short time, you can transform your breath.

The most important is to start. Realize that blocks affecting your breath might just be holding you back from stepping up and making that can to essentially change your life.

Connect with me to set up a quick consult to find out if this coaching is right for you. CONNECT

"I felt safe and secure in Elizabeth’s presence. As I followed Elizabeth’s gentle direction for the breath work, memories were brought up, then I felt a localized sensation of dense vibration and then a release. This happened numerous times throughout the sessions. 
At the end of each of the sessions, I felt a feeling of peaceful calm.
I felt a feeling of lightness and joy. 
I truly felt supported and genuinely cared for by Elizabeth. I was surrounded by love. I highly recommend Elizabeth as a Breathwork Practitioner". MB


What happens when you combine

  • Cutting-edge audio technology

  • Binaural beats that sculpt your neurology

  • Timeless wisdoms and modern inspo with the power of Transformational Breathwork?

I can tell you. It’s an efficient, powerful, paradigm-shifting journey into your nervous system that clears trauma and limiting beliefs, shifts anxiety, depression and negative thoughts, and deeply restores your body to optimum health at a cellular level.

You will be guided on a deep dive beyond anything you may have ever experienced. 

Join us as intensity, insight and no-bullshit wisdom is woven into a Breathwork Journey that heals trauma, transforms stress and connects You directly to the incredible life you want. 

If you feel like supporting me on my journey.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

To be ready for your online Journey.

  • Yoga mat or soft mattress, Yes, your bed is great! Also, a recliner chair is fine.

  • A pillow, eye cover if you wish to shut out environmental distractions, headphones (noise canceling is best of course) or earbuds,

  • a warm blanket,

no pets, or kiddies. husband or partner only if they behave and participate. LOL (fill in the waiver if so)

​Don't forget this trick to set up your Zoom audio for the best results HERE

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Your Are Enough

Scholarships Available

For those who just can't make ends meet, for those things that are important, and are needed the most.

I'm establishing the MetaBreath Foundation. One, that understands the deep need to create inclusivity for projects like this. 

Please connect for more info.

Private Coaching Session, Group Transformations (by zoom and live) & 9D Journey Sessions to begin in January. Get you name on the list for limited free passes for each group session.  Stay tuned. 


Corporate, Conference, Non Profit, Gov't, Charity Groups, Grant Sponsored,

Teacher Pro D Day.

This is your next event to book. up to 20 attendees at one session. Contact Elizabeth

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